I did logo design for a Chinese tea company that I made up. I had three different designs for the company.

From making the logos, I got better at using the adobe illustrator pen tool, and had a better control on it.

My audience of the logos are my teachers and classmates, and they picked whether which one they liked the most out of the three logos. After the audience‘s review, I picked the one that got the most vote. I used a tradition Chinese font for the letters and the classic blank on white back ground for the look of the logo. And it looks like this:helenp1logo-01


This is an Chinese tradition looking logo that I made with the adobe illustrator. I used the pen too to draw the lotus and then add the Chinese word on it.

The reason that I made it is my company’s name in English is “Lotus Pavilion”, so I draw a lotus flower for the loge. And at the same time, it also kind looks like a tea cap, so it’s also another way to represent a tea company.

Based on the feed backs from the audience, I erased  the lines that was at the bottom so it looks more like a tea cap.

and it was originally looks like this:



the following are the other two logos I made


This is a very Chinese styled way to design. the frame makes it looks nice and unsophisticated. the font is a classical way of writing in Chinese.

I used adobe illustrator pen tool to draw the frame, and then add the Chinese word into the frame to make up the final design.

I want this logo to give people a nice tradition Chinese style feeling.

based on the comment, I made another version of it like this:

qinglianxuan leaves-01.jpg

The next loge is a Typograms type of logo I made for my tea company. I turned the “T” into a tea leaf by drawing it with the adobe illustrator pen tool.

This is a fashion way of logos that young people might like more, so I made the design to get young people’s attentions, but somehow there was only two people liked ti out of almost twenty people.





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